HDD Lessons you can Only Learn in the Field: MM-T2-04

HDD Lessons you can Only Learn in the Field: MM-T2-04


Jake Andresen, Kimberlie Staheli

Abstract: Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) has been used extensively for pipeline installation in environmentally- sensitive and congested areas; however, the technology is being stretched to projects that have significant challenges that were not often considered on standard HDD project. Many of these projects carry high risks and challenges due to the geotechnical conditions, site constraints, locating interference, and risk of hydrofracture that are not evident to the Designer who has worked on standard HDD project, nor the Contractor who is navigating new demands on the technology. There are many lessons learned that have been learned from these HDD projects that can be used to inform designers on the reduction of risk on future projects. This paper will present a number of case histories and illustrate lessons learned on high-risk projects. Examination of HDD risks and how they are managed in design and construction will be presented. The paper addresses a wide range of topics elevation differences between entry and exit, problems associated with perched water, the value of a swab pass and what it tells you about borehole preparation, and the effective use of down-hole pressure sensing. The paper presents approaches developed by Contractors in the field for a variety of challenges encountered during construction.

Published: 2021

Presented: NASTT No-Dig Show 2021, Orlando, Florida | Paper Number: MM-T2-04

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