Azimuth Based Navigation System for Extended Length and Curved Microtunneling

Azimuth Based Navigation System for Extended Length and Curved Microtunneling


Jason Holden, Akkerman, Inc., BROWNSDALE, MN United States
Laura Anderson, Akkerman< br>
Abstract: In the family of trenchless technologies, microtunneling projects are often the most complex. Contractors must be able to rely on competent microtunneling equipment design, skilled operators and the precision of a navigation system to ensure accurate line and grade alignments. Akkerman’s azimuth based “AZ100 Total Guidance System (TGS)”, first introduced in 2015, has been used to successfully execute thousands on linear feet on extended length and value engineered alignments with curves.

This navigation system comprises individual, self-leveling station units that maintain a location measurement connection throughout the tunnel. The jacking shaft’s station looks to stationary measurement prisms to provide reference points for guidance system location and azimuth. The first pipe station is inserted approximately 300-feet behind the MTBM, and additional pipe stations are positioned as necessary along the alignment to maintain a line of sight among stations.

The MTBM’s active target and combined stations communicate a continuous electronic distance measurement to monitor MTBM X, Y and Z positioning, and real-time cutter head location through propriety software on the operator’s control console.

The most significant point of differentiation between the AZ100 TGS and other tunneling navigation systems is that an initial survey to ascertain tunnel starting and end points is the only survey that is required; therefore downtime is pointedly reduced, and microtunneling contractors can realize uninterrupted mining operations.

This presentation will highlight the AZ100 TGS’s capabilities to execute straight and curved alignments up to 1,890-linear feet in length and 86-inch diameter on six recent case study examples.

Publication Date: 2019

Presented at:
NASTT’s 2019 No-Dig Show Chicago, Illinois
March 17-21, 2019 | Paper Number: WM-T1-03

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