20-Inch Raw Water Transmission Main Rehabilitation

20 Inch Raw Water Transmission Main Rehabilitation


Andreas Fleischmann, Raedlinger Primus Line, Inc., Charlotte, NC

Abstract: The aging infrastructure causes countless water main breaks and flooded roads every year. In the most severe cases, this may disrupt a City’s water supply. The City of Oneonta almost faced this scenario in 2012, as their 115 year old transmission main had a critical break. During the repair operation, the pipeline was shut off and the treatment plant struggled to produce enough finished water to keep up with the demand. Due to this failure, and to minimize the risk of this occurring again, the City Engineers decided to rehabilitate the raw water transmission line from the Lower Reservoir to the Water Treatment Plant in summer 2017. This paper outlines the inspection and rehabilitation of the 3,900 foot long 20” diameter cast iron pipe utilizing Primus Line®, a trenchless, Kevlar reinforced composite lining system. The work was performed in two sections of 2,500 and 1,400 feet respectively with only one excavation on each end and one in an accessible area in between. This case study clearly shows the advantages of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation with a minimal construction footprint and a short installation time.

Publication Date: 2018

Presented at:
NASTT’s 2018 No-Dig Show Palm Springs, California
March 25-29, 2018 | Paper Number: TM1-T6-04

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