Combined Trenchless Technologies Prove Successful

Combined Trenchless Technologies Prove Successful


Michael E. Woodcock/Portland Utilities Construction Company, LLC/Portland/Tennessee
Keith Dunn/Dunn & Associates/Greenville/South Carolina

Abstract: The Parker Sewer & Fire Sub-District, located in Greenville, SC needed to repair an aging and undersized sewer system in a sewer basin called R-16 Judson Mill. The system, installed in the early 1950’s, served hundreds of homes with mostly 6” sewer mains, which were in poor condition. In its current poor condition, the system struggled to keep up with the flows. Dunn & Associates designed the project as a Pipe Burst project to replace and or up-size the existing 6” & 8” sewer mains with 8” HDPE pipe. Since Parker Sewer & Fire Sub-District had purchased the system from a textile mill company that had developed the subdivision for its workers, information on the system was minimal. Also, many of the manholes were buried, so verifying the information prior to bidding out the project was difficult. The project was awarded to Portland Utilities Construction Company, LLC (PUCC). After award, PUCC learned during the Pre-CCTV work that some of the sewer system had been encroached upon by additions to the many neighborhood homes. In essence, not all the pipe line segments could be pipe burst, as planned. The use of additional trenchless technologies would be necessary to complete the project. PUCC eventually used three different trenchless technologies on the project. Pipe Bursting, UV Fiberglass CIPP, and an amended version of Close Tolerance Horizontal Directional Drilling (CTHDD) called Close Tolerance Pipe Replacement (CTPR) were used to overcome the challenges presented by this project. The successful completion of this project demonstrated the need to use all the tools in the tool box, think outside the tool box, and collaborate with the Owner/Engineer to complete the project.

Publication Date: 2018

Presented at:
NASTT’s 2018 No-Dig Show Palm Springs, California
March 25-29, 2018 | Paper Number: MM-T4-03

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