Assessment of the 109 Year Old Sunrise Highway Aqueduct in Nassau County, New York

Assessment of the 109 Year Old Sunrise Highway Aqueduct to Rehabilitate and Repurpose it for use as a 72” Treated Effluent Force Main


Chris Macey, Americas Practice Leader for AECOM in North America for Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation of Underground Infrastructure, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Brian Gee, Project Manager, AECOM, New York, New York
Joe Davenport, Chief Sanitary Engineer, Nassau County Department of Public Works, Wantagh, New York
Damon Urso, Sanitary Engineer III, Nassau County Department of Public Works, Wantagh, New York

Abstract: The Sunrise Highway Aqueduct was originally constructed in in 1908/1909 for the City of New York and included some 83,500 feet of Lock-Bar steel pipe with riveted circumferential joints from Valley Stream, Long Island to the Nassau – Suffolk County line in Amityville at the time. The line was in regular service up until the 1950’s and had an extensive maintenance history, largely due to external pitting corrosion and internal lining failures. By the 1950’s (up to 1958), the line was only used in emergency supply modes for short periods due to high maintenance costs. It was used once in the 1966 drought and has been abandoned since. The objective of the study was to investigate and document the present condition of a strategically important 9.1 mile stretch of the pipeline, to assess its structural condition, and to determine the feasibility of re-purposing the pipeline into a force main to convey treated wastewater effluent from the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant to the Cedar Creek Water Pollution Control Plant. The assessment was completed over the fall of 2016 and the Spring/early summer of 2017, using a balance of multi- sensor platform deployments (CCTV, Sonar and LIDAR) and coupon and debris sampling to facilitate the feasibility assessment. The assessment concluded that the pipeline was suitable for rehabilitation using either CIPP or discrete pipe relining technologies. Due to the requirement to accommodate full vacuum loads in force main service, the liner was recommended to be designed as an AWWA M28 Class IV structural liner.

Publication Date: 2018

Presented at:
NASTT’s 2018 No-Dig Show Palm Springs, California
March 25-29, 2018 | Paper Number: MM-T1-02

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