XXXL Slipline Rehabilitates 60 Year Old 144" RCP Pipe in LA County

XXXL Slipline Rehabilitates 60-Year-Old 144 inch (3660 mm) RCP Pipe in LA County


Bijan Khamanian, Hobas Pipe, Houston, Texas
Anthony Howard, P.E., Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts, Whittier, California
Mohammed Bina, P.E., Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts, Whittier, California
Abdou Seydi, Spiniello Companies, Pomona, California

Abstract: Joint Outfall “B” was constructed in 1957 with the largest RCP pipe available then, to service millions of users under Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts (LACSD) service area. After 60 years of heavy service, Unit 1A Phase 1 reach of the 144 inch (3660 mm) pipeline was in need of a major structural rehabilitation. Various options were studied as part of the condition assessment and evaluation process, and LACSD ruled out CIPP and PVC or HDPE liners due to size, structural properties and speed of installation in favor of sliplining for the JO “B” project. The system also had several curved alignments and careful planning was needed to design and construct theed liner. LACSD chose the largest fiberglass reinforced polymer mortar pipe available today to slipline the system, with a 126 inch (3200 mm) ID Hobas pipe. Hobas has supplied 126” pipe to another small project in Wisconsin a few years ago, however, the Joint Outfall “B” Unit 1A Phase 1 is the largest sliplining pipe installed in the United States at the time of this paper. Sliplining has been utilized at LACSD who has previously sliplined over 45 miles of deteriorated sewers with Hobas and fiberglass pipes since 1989. They are considered to be the single largest user of this pipe and method in the country in mass scale. Joint Outfall “B” Unit 1A Phase 1, posed a major challenge with significant flows and existence of multiple curves in the alignment. This paper will discuss the design, installation and service of this system along with fabrication of custom fittings to negotiate the curve and retain the maximum flow capacity.

Publication Date: 2018

Presented at:
NASTT’s 2018 No-Dig Show Palm Springs, California
March 25-29, 2018 | Paper Number: MA-T6-02

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