Title Year Price
Overcoming Challenging Conditions with Engineering and Construction Flexibility 2018 $10.00
Nevada County Sanitation District – Penn Valley Dual Force Main Project 2018 $10.00
Region of York Storm Sewer CCTV and Renewal Assessment 2018 $10.00
Overcoming the Challenges of Gravity Pipeline Inspections with New Technologies and Strategic Data Management 2018 $10.00
Improving an Island: Tampa Uses Tyfo® to Rehabilitate Pressure Pipeline 2018 $10.00
Practical Criteria for Borehole Instability in Sand During Horizontal Directional Drilling 2018 $10.00
FRAC-LESS: A New Generation of HDD Drilling Tools 2018 $10.00
Comparison of Different Inadvertent Return Prediction Methods and an Approach to Integrate Them 2018 $10.00
Bore-head Radar for Safe Horizontal Directional Drilling Operations 2018 $10.00
Philadelphia Finds A New Solution to Rehab Sewers Efficiently through a Service Contract 2018 $10.00
Leveraging Infrastructure Investment with Trenchless Technologies: The City of Calgary’s Sanitary Lateral Lining Journey 2018 $10.00
Twin 120-inch Pipe Rams in Northern California 2018 $10.00
Pipe Ramming - Understanding the Forces that Drive the Industry 2018 $10.00
Pipe Ramming Method Used to “Swallow” 250 Feet of 48-inch Casing 2018 $10.00
From Pipe Ram to Microtunnel - How Owner and Contractor Worked Together 2018 $10.00
Urban Microtunneling Par Excellence: 5 Multiple Curved Microtunnels Below Road and Railways in Switzerland 2018 $10.00
Design of the City of St. Albert's North Interceptor Sanitary Trunk 2018 $10.00
Six Microtunnel Drives Successfully Completed in Difficult Ground on the Broad Creek Augmentation Project 2018 $10.00
Superior Avenue Force Main Curved Microtunnel: Collaboration to Mitigate Project Risk 2018 $10.00
Little Cuyahoga Interceptor Hard Pipe Segmental Slip Line Replacement 2018 $10.00