Title Year Price
Mechanized Cross Passage Construction: Ideal for Soft Soils with High Groundwater Table 2019 $10.00
Microtunneling Installation of 24-in. (600mm) Diameter Sanitary Sewer 2019 $10.00
Minimizing Water Main Digs with Inspection and Corrosion Control 2019 $10.00
Mitigating Geologic Risk: Four Large Diameter HDDs Successfully Completed in Karst Terrain 2019 $10.00
Multiple Trenchless Methods Allow for Water Supply Installation through Wyoming Terrain 2019 $10.00
Narragansett Bay Commission Rehabilitation of Large Diameter Brick Sewer with GeoSpray Geopolymer Mortar 2019 $10.00
Non-Destructive Testing Options for Asbestos Cement Pipes 2019 $10.00
Normandie Sewer - The UV Cured-in-Place Sewer Rehabilitation in the City of Los Angeles 2019 $10.00
Not on My Watch - Using CIPP to Ensure Disaster Doesn't Strike 2019 $10.00
Nothing Rosy about a Failed Sewer Part 2: Lessons Learned During Construction 2019 $10.00
Optimized CFRP Design at Intermountain Power Results in a Successful Installation 2019 $10.00
Outfall Replacement under San Elijo Lagoon Marine Reserve 2019 $10.00
Overcoming unanticipated pipe-ramming obstructions in sensitive ground conditions 2019 $10.00
Penn Township Sewage Authority a Model of Consistency 2019 $10.00
Pipe Bursting Challenges and Emergency Rescue Shafts in Newport Beach, California - Orange County Sanitation District 2019 $10.00
Pipe Bursting Success in Developed Neighborhood 2019 $10.00
Pit-Launched HDD Proves Useful for WaterOne out of Lenexa Kansas 2019 $10.00
Plastic Gas Main and Service Splitting in Atlanta, Georgia 2019 $10.00
Practical Application of a Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation Planning Framework 2019 $10.00
Practical Criteria for Borehole Instability in Multi-Layer Soil Systems During Horizontal Directional Drilling 2019 $10.00