Title Year Price
Guided Pipe Ramming at O'Hare Airport Minimizes Disruption 2019 $10.00
HDD under Pearl Harbor Provides Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam with the New Water Supply Line 2019 $10.00
HDD...Wait, No...Slipline! 2019 $10.00
Horizontal Bends in Horizontal Directional Drilling 2019 $10.00
Horizontal Directional Drilling Market in China 2019 $10.00
Hydrofracture Risk Evaluation: Advancing Design Practice 2019 $10.00
Impossible Inspections 2019 $10.00
Improved Magnetic Navigation for Horizontal Directional Drilling Using a Down-Hole Rotating Rare Earth Magnet Implementation. 2019 $10.00
Improving Internal Service Connection Reinstatement in CIPP Lined Water Mains 2019 $10.00
Inspection, Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Planning for the Primary Trunk 2019 $10.00
Installation of New Culverts for Vermont Transportation Agency Using Two Pipe Ramming Methods 2019 $10.00
Killing Two Pumps with One Project: How Trenchless Technology Allowed a City to Eliminate Two Pump Stations and Replace Them with Gravity Sewer 2019 $10.00
King City Siphon - Design and Construction of a Vertical Curve Microtunnel 2019 $10.00
Kingsbury Run Culvert Repair: First Horizontal S-Curve & Double Vertical Curve in the United States 2019 $10.00
Large Diameter Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation Design 2019 $10.00
Large Diameter Sewer Rehabilitation in the City of Portland 2019 $10.00
Late 20s, Early 30s - Riveted Steel Pipe Condition Assessment - City of Toronto's Cadillac Watermain 2019 $10.00
Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Decision Making in Collection System Rehabilitation 2019 $10.00
Local Utilities Relocate Assets Via HDD Prior to FDOT Expansion 2019 $10.00
Managing Linear Assets Beyond Their Original Design Life Case Study - City of DeSoto, Kansas Raw Water Transmission Main 2019 $10.00