Title Year Price
XXXL Slipline Rehabilitates 60 Year Old 144" RCP Pipe in LA County 2018 $10.00
60-inch Sanitary Sewer Interceptor Rehabilitation under Submerged Groundwater Conditions - Lessons Learned 2018 $10.00
Urban Tunnelling in the City of Ottawa - A Case Study 2018 $10.00
Masters of the Interceptors: Leveraging Trenchless Technology and Corrosion Modeling for Sewer Asset Management 2018 $10.00
Assessment of the 109 Year Old Sunrise Highway Aqueduct in Nassau County, New York 2018 $10.00
40-Year Old RCP: What to do 2018 $10.00
Nothing Rosy about a Failed Sewer: Rehabilitation of the Rose Canyon Trunk Sewer 2018 $10.00
No Dig Pipe Rehabilitation Saves Cost and Keeps Airport in Operation 2018 $10.00
Telegraph Franklin Sewer Replacement Project Using HDD Technology 2018 $10.00
King County Embarks on Large Conveyance System Upgrade that Includes Challenging HDD 2018 $10.00
City Solves a Failing Sewer Problem with HDD and Drill Drop Methods 2018 $10.00
The Art of the Deal: Negotiating a High-Risk, Contractor-Proposed HDD on the Fly! 2018 $10.00
HDD Used to Install New Force Main Under Lake Meade 2018 $10.00
Sectional CIPP of Sanitary Force Main Preserves Historic Hull Waterfront 2018 $10.00
A "CIPP First" Approach Changes Community from Reactive Scramblers to Proactive Believers 2018 $10.00
Tying Up Loose Ends: Rehabilitating the Downstream End of an Egg-Shaped Brick Interceptor Near Boston 2018 $10.00
Is it Round, Square or Oval: Repair of a Culvert with Multiple Cross Sections 2018 $10.00
Pipe Bursting Challenges in the City of St. Catherines Canada 2018 $10.00
Combined Trenchless Technologies Prove Successful 2018 $10.00
The City of Redding, California Implements Pipe Bursting for Existing Asbestos Cement Gravity Sewer Pipe 2018 $10.00