Title Year Price
Update from Christchurch on Condition Assessment of Drains 2013 $10.00
Up and Over- Design and Construction of Dual 600-mm Steel Pipelines by HDD in Fort McMurray, Alberta 2013 $10.00
Unsaturated Polyester Resin And Initiator Systems For Cured-In-Place Pipe 2002 $10.00
Unpiggable Pipeline Inspection 2013 $10.00
UNITRACC - Web Based Training and Competence Centre for Underground Infrastructure 2003 $10.00
Unique Ultrapipe® Glass Fabrics for Hybrid CIPP Liners 2017 $10.00
Unique Location and Ground Conditions Call for Innovative Approach to On-grade Boring 2012 $10.00
Unique Horizontal Drain Installation Under a Building Using Pilot Tube Guided Auger Bore Methods 2019 $10.00
Unique Challenges and Solutions for an Urban Microtunneling Project 2013 $10.00
Union and Platte Avenue Colorado Springs 24-in. HDPE Horizontal Directional Drill Steel Replacement Project 2015 $10.00
Underwater Tunnel- Microtunneling the ENMRWS Raw Water Intake Tunnel at Ute Reservoir 2015 $10.00
Understanding the Role Mud Chemistry Plays in Bore Planning and Execution 2015 $10.00
Understanding the Benefits of Multi-Sensor Inspection 2014 $10.00
Understanding Geologic History When Selecting Trenchless Installation Methods 2018 $10.00
Understanding ASTM F2561-06 (2009) 2009 $10.00
Understanding and Predicting Ground Behaviour Associated with Trenchless Operations 1996 $10.00
Underground Utilities Mapping for new Metro lines in Dublin¸ Ireland 2011 $10.00
Underground Mapping - Adding Value to Trenchless Technology Projects (2009) 2009 $10.00
Underground Coatings And Linings- Evolution Or Revolution 2001 $10.00