Title Year Price
Using Trenchless Technology to Control Costs & Overcome Obstacles in a Natural Gas Pipeline Project 2017 $10.00
Using the State-of-the-art Pipeline Condition Assessment Tools to Proper Advantage 2012 $10.00
Using Seismic Tomography and Holography Ground Imaging to Improve Site Investigations 2004 $10.00
Using Modern Contracting Practices of No Dig Projects 1993 $10.00
Using In-Pipe Condition Assessment to Optimize Small Water Main Renewal 2014 $10.00
Using Grout to Control Water Movement, Infiltration in Complex Projects 2011 $10.00
Using GIS Tools to Identify and Summarize Recommendations from CCTV Sewer Assessments 2008 $10.00
Using GIS and GPS for Sanitary Sewer Condition Assessment 2007 $10.00
Using Epoxy Resin Linings To Rehabilitate Potable Water Pipelines 1999 $10.00
Using Encased Buckling Tests to Better Understand Liner Pipe Behavior and Design 1998 $10.00
Using Emerging Technologies for the Assessment of 110 Miles of Large Diameter Lined Concrete Sewers in the City of Phnix 2003 $10.00
Using Design-Build to Rehabilitate a Military Base Sewer System 2008 $10.00
Using Cured-In-Place Pipe Technology to Rehabilitate Potable Water Liners 2015 $10.00
Using Condition Assessment Date to More Efficiently Manage Your Pipelines 2019 $10.00
Using CIPP Lining and Cathodic Protection to Rehabilitate and Protect Water Lines 2012 $10.00
Using Bore Planning Software to Complete Challenging Airport Fiber Optic Project 2019 $10.00
Using Automatic Controls in Temporary Bypass Applications 2008 $10.00
Using Alternative Project Delivery for HDD Projects- DB and EPC Case Studies on the Installation of High Voltage Cables 2015 $10.00
Uses and Limitations of Recent Advances in Sewer Inspection Technologies for Large Diameter Trenchless Rehabilitation Projects 2011 $10.00
USEPA Research on Condition Assessment of Wastewater Collection Systems (2009) 2009 $10.00