Title Year Price
Tunneling in the Shadow of Camden Yards 2019 $10.00
Tunneling Challenges on the East 140th Consolidation and Relief Sewer (E140CRS) 2018 $10.00
Tunneling And Pipe Ramming As A Culvert Replacement Method (2010) 2010 $10.00
Tunnel Design and Construction in Soft, Wet Ground 2019 $10.00
Tunnel Construction Issues with San Francisco's New 44-in. Water Main (2009) 2009 $10.00
Tunnel and Shaft Impact Analyses for DC Clean Rivers Project to Protect Critical Pipelines Carrying Water and Sewage 2014 $10.00
Tulalip Tribe and City of Everett Bring Regional Water to the Pacific Northwest with Massive HDD Project 2012 $10.00
Tucson's Prince Road Interceptor Rehabilitation Project Update 1993 $10.00
Trying to Mix Oil and Water - Integrating Trenchless Advances from the Oil and Gas Industry into Municipalities 2011 $10.00
Trunkline Sewer Failure- Lessons Learned 2018 $10.00
Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation in Urban, High Security Areas in Washington, D.C. 2017 $10.00
Trunk Sewer Conditions Survey in Edmonton 1995 $10.00
Trunk Line Rehabilitation Without Excavation along Florida State Route 686 2016 $10.00
Trouble Shooting For Liner Installation- Observations And Recommendations Based On Field Experiences 2005 $10.00
Triple Barrell Siphon Installed in Tight Quarters 2012 $10.00
Trinity River Authority 96-in. Fiber-Reinforced CIPP Rehabilitation Project 2013 $10.00
Trenchless Watermain Installation Under Tight Timelines and Spatial Constraints 2018 $10.00
Trenchless Water Distribution System Installation (2010) 2010 $10.00
Trenchless Value Engineering- Switching from Open-Cut to Pilot Tube Auger Bore During Construction 2016 $10.00