Title Year Price
Advances in Water Pipeline Condition Assessment 2012 $10.00
Advantages of Pneumatic Percussion Tools in Hard Rock Horizontal Directional Drilling Applications 2016 $10.00
Advocacy for Small Diameter Sanitary Sewer Rehab - CIPP for I-I Reduction 2014 $10.00
Ahead of the Curve- Tampa Bay Water Proactively Develops its Asset Management Program 2014 $10.00
Air Plenum (Duct Sealing) Rehabilitation at Ford's Rouge Visitor Center 2006 $10.00
Aliso Beach Interceptor CIPP Lining Project 2019 $10.00
Alternative Construction Techniques In Glenn Ellyn, Illinois Minimize Neighbordhood Disruption (2010) 2010 $10.00
Alternative Contract Procurement Using HDD Solves Regulatory Dilemma 2008 $10.00
Alternative HDD Construction Method for Ocean Outfall 2019 $10.00
Alternative Project Deliver for Sewer Collections Systems - Developing and Implementing the Sullivan's Island Turnkey Sewer Rehab Construction Program 2016 $10.00
Alto Tank 2016 $10.00
American Canyon Rehabilitates Aging Steel Transmission Line by Pipe Bursting 2017 $10.00
American River Crossings -Then and Now 2003 $10.00
An Asset Management Primer- How to Achieve Asset Management Goals of a Sanitary Sewer System 2006 $10.00
An Asset Management Strategy for Water Mains 2008 $10.00
An Automated Process to Assess the Condition of Your Assets - A Case Study in Tulcaloosa, Alabama 2004 $10.00
An Economic Strategy to Cut Accidents with Buried Utilities 2003 $10.00
An Efficient Verified Cure For CIPP Liners 2013 $10.00
An Experimental Study of Soil Erosion Around Leaking Pipes 2008 $10.00