Title Year Price
Accelerated Corrosion Rate Threatens Phnix Sewers 2004 $10.00
Accelerated Sewer Repair Program 2002 $10.00
Accepting the Challenges of a Difficult and Risky Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Project 2011 $10.00
Accomplishing Sewer Separation Through a Landfill and Botanical Garden with Trenchless Technology 2013 $10.00
Accuracy and Predictability of Design Parameters in Horizontal Directional Drilling 2012 $10.00
Additional Water Main Capacity for City of Granville, Massachusetts Saves Money 2014 $10.00
Addressing the Risks of In-Line Inspections of Critical Pressure Mains 2015 $10.00
Addressing The Shortcomings of a Sampling Strategy in CIPP Quality Assurance Programs 2019 $10.00
Adopting Appropriate Trenchless Strategies for Watermain and Sanitary Renewal Programs 2015 $10.00
Adopting UV Fiberglass CIPP in Sewer and Stormwater Rehabilitation Bid Specifications (2009) 2009 $10.00
Advanced Condition Assessments- The Benefits of Using Pipe Penetrating Radar 2013 $10.00
Advanced Engineering- Issues in Trenchless Technology 1991 $10.00
Advanced Multi-Sensor Pipe Inspection Technologies for Large Diameter Critical Pipe Infrastructure 2014 $10.00
Advanced Techniques, Applications and Products for the Less Than 8'' (200mm) Trenchless Technology Market 1991 $10.00
Advanced Technology Pays Off – Investigating and Fixing the Source of Leaks at the Thomas E. Taylor Regional Water Treatment Plant 2017 $10.00
Advances in Gravity Sewer Installations Using HDD (2009) 2009 $10.00
Advances In Lateral Inspection And Investlgation 2001 $10.00
Advances in Pipeline Asset Management using Digital Side Scanning Evaluation Technology (2009) 2009 $10.00
Advances In Small Diameter Pipe Splitting Technology (2010) 2010 $10.00
Advances in Underground Imaging (2009) 2009 $10.00