Title Year Price
A Recipe for Disaster- Installing Heavy, Large Diameter Gravity Sewer Pipe in Weak Soils, with High Groundwater, and Site Constraints 2015 $10.00
A Retrospective Evaluation of Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Rehabilitation Technique Used in Municipal Sewers 2013 $10.00
A Review of Design Procedures for Plastic Pipes Used in Trenchless Technology 1997 $10.00
A Review of Jacking Forces by Both Theoretical and Empirical Methods as Compared with 20 Years of Practical 1996 $10.00
A Revolutionary City's Multi-Faceted Emergency Repair Under the Governor's Avenue 2015 $10.00
A Sigh of Relief: Construction of the City of San Mateo El Cerrito Relief Line Project 2017 $10.00
A Storm Drain Success Story- Two Tunnels & A Landslide 2015 $10.00
A Study on the Design-Build Delivery of a 9,000-Ft Intersect Horizontal Directional Drill Under the Barnegat Bay 2019 $10.00
A Sure Bet at Greektown Casino 2012 $10.00
A System for Comparison of Boring Parameters of Mine-HDD Machines 1996 $10.00
A Tale of Two Cities- Case Study on the Performance of Various Pipe Bursting Materials 2014 $10.00
A Tale of Two Inspections- Using Condition Assessment to Manage Force Main Assets 2015 $10.00
A Tale of Two Swagelines - Contrasting Conditions Assess the Versatility of Swagelining in Ft. Collins, Colorado 2014 $10.00
A Tale Of Two Tunnels 1999 $10.00
A Technique for Renewing a Mainline Pipe While Simultaneously Renewing the Service Lateral Pipes 2014 $10.00
A Total Borehole Monitoring System for Pulled-in-Place Trenchless Methods- Development and Testing 2003 $10.00
A Unique System for Large Diameter, Non-circular Rehabilitation 2016 $10.00
A User's Guide of Pipe 1996 $10.00
A View From Inside Vista Irrigation District's Flume Conveyance System 2013 $10.00
A Web-Based Social Cost Calculator For Utility Construction Projects (2010) 2010 $10.00