Title Year Price
Application of HDD with a Novel Reaming Technique for Species at Risk Protection During Water Main Replacement 2014 $10.00
Application of Inline Acoustic Leak Detection For Condition Assessment of Large Diameter Force Mains 2008 $10.00
Application of Photogrammetric Monitoring for a HDD Installation in the City of Winston, Oregon 2013 $10.00
Application of Pipe Jacking Technology into ASEAN Countries 2017 $10.00
Application Of Robotics In Diagnostic Analysis Of Large Diameter Pipelines (2010) 2010 $10.00
Application Of Statistics In Estimating Pulling Loads For HDD Installations 2001 $10.00
Application of Trenchless Technologies for Water Main Rehabilitation-Renewal-the City of Houston Test Case Study 1997 $10.00
Applications and Evaluation of Foreign Systems for Lining Gas Distribution Services Pipes 1996 $10.00
Applications of Geopolymer Concrete in the Rehabilitation of Wastewater Concrete Structures 2008 $10.00
Applications of Pipe Penetrating Radar for Advanced Pipe Condition Assessments - Clark Regional Wastewater District (WA) Case Study 2014 $10.00
Applications of Pipe Penetrating Radar to Plastic Pipe for Quality Control of New Pipe Installation and Condition Assessment of Existing Installations 2015 $10.00
Applied Strain Effects And Load On HDPE Pipes During Horizontal Directional Drilling Installation 2001 $10.00
Applying Risk Management and Financial Analysis to Asset Management Planning 2012 $10.00
Appraisal of Clogging and Adhesion of Conditioned Clay in the Laboratory 2016 $10.00
Appropriate Trenchless Technologies for the Successful Completion of a Major Interceptor Sewer Construction Project 1998 $10.00
Approval of Alternate Work Procedure Covering Asbestos Cement Pipe Bursting by the Vermont Department of Health 2017 $10.00
Aptos Transmission Main Relocation Project in the Santa Cruz County Sanitation District (2009) 2009 $10.00
Aqualiner - A New Process for the Lining of Water and Sewer Pipes (2009) 2009 $10.00
Aquazoom For Prioritization 2005 $10.00
Archimedes' Principle - An Uncommon Carrier Pipe Installation Method 2018 $10.00