Title Year Price
Yellowstone National Park Utilizes Directional Drilling to Install a 24-in. Diameter Pipe Under the Yellowstone River 2016 $10.00
XXXL Slipline Rehabilitates 60 Year Old 144" RCP Pipe in LA County 2018 $10.00
Xpandit Trenchless Pipe Replacement 1992 $10.00
WSSC Anacostia Trunk Sewers 102-in. Pipe Condition Assessment at Historic Bladensburg Waterfront Park, Maryland 2013 $10.00
WRC Type Panel Lining Projects - Three Different Sewers 2005 $10.00
WRc Sewerage Rehabilitation Manual Objectives & Overview 1991 $10.00
WRC Defect Coding for CCTV Inspection 2002 $10.00
World's First All Electronic Toll Highway Uses Trenchless Technology to Maintain High Standards 2012 $10.00
World Record CIPL Renewal of a Natural Gas Main 2019 $10.00
Working Under the Rails 2015 $10.00
Working the specifications for directionally Drilled Crossing 1991 $10.00
Working Outside the Right-of-Way- Social¸ Political¸ and Legal Implications 2008 $10.00
Woodside Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation for South Placer MUD in Rocklin, California 2003 $10.00
Woods Trunk Sewer Replacement Project - A Challenging Trenchless Technology Case Study 2007 $10.00
WMATA Condenser Line Trenchless Rehabilitation 2002 $10.00
Winter Wonderland Ds Wonders to CIPP Renewal of a High Pressure Gas Main in New Jersey 2012 $10.00
Willamette Water Supply Program Successfully Completes Initial Trenchless Crossing 2018 $10.00
Wilde Lake Water Main Study and Rehabilitation – Phase II 2017 $10.00
Why the City of Longueuil Decided to Rehabilitate its Water Mains using CIPP Structural Liners 2006 $10.00