Title Year Price
A Case Study on the World-Record Direct Pipe 2019 $10.00
12-in. Water Line Horizontal Directional Drill across Hunting Bayou using Cartridge Method 2019 $10.00
3.6 Mile Sewer Force Main Repair and Rehabilitation 2019 $10.00
42-in. Direct Pipe Through 227MPa Rock 2019 $10.00
A Case Study in Corestones - Challenging Pipejack Beneath I-8 in San Diego 2019 $10.00
A New Perspective in Hydro Fracture Evaluation 2019 $10.00
A Novel Statistical Approach to Detect Leakages in Water Pipeline Systems 2019 $10.00
A Study on the Design-Build Delivery of a 9,000-Ft Intersect Horizontal Directional Drill Under the Barnegat Bay 2019 $10.00
Addressing The Shortcomings of a Sampling Strategy in CIPP Quality Assurance Programs 2019 $10.00
Aliso Beach Interceptor CIPP Lining Project 2019 $10.00
Alternative HDD Construction Method for Ocean Outfall 2019 $10.00
Assessment and Remediation of Gas Utility Tunnels in Chicago 2019 $10.00
Assessment of Soil and Bedrock Abrasivity for Horizontal Directional Drilling Projects - A Qualitative Approach 2019 $10.00
Assessment of the 110 Year Old Sunrise Highway Aqueduct in Nassau County, New York 2019 $10.00
Azimuth Based Navigation System for Extended Length and Curved Microtunneling 2019 $10.00
Beaufort Jasper Water & Sewer Authority Installs Multiple High-Risk HDDs with Proven Procurement Method 2019 $10.00
Benefits of a Phased Approach to Force Main Assessment 2019 $10.00
Binbrook Forcemain Cleaning in City of Hamilton, Ontario 2019 $10.00
Bio-inspired Efficiency Enhancements for Micro-tunneling 2019 $10.00
Breaking Through Glass Ceilings 2019 $10.00