Title Year Price
Planning for Adaptation: A Case Study of How Project Planning and Collaboration Allows for Adaptation in All Phases of a Tunneling Project: MM-T1-01 2021 $10.00
Planning, Design and Construction Challenges Associated with a Curved Microtunnel Shore Landing through Volcanic Deposits: MM-T1-02 2021 $10.00
72” Diameter Tunnels in Salt Lake Valley – Microtunnels vs. Guided Hammers: MM-T1-03 2021 $10.00
Inglewood Sanitary Trunk - Use of Slurry Microtunneling to Construct a Large Diameter Sanitary Sewer Through Challanging Conditions: MM-T1-04 2021 $10.00
Managing the Public Perception of an MTBM Project in Charlotte’s South Park Neighborhood: MM-T1-05 2021 $10.00
World Record Intersect HDD at the Edge of Technical Capabilities and Frontier of Regulatory Framework: MM-T2-01 2021 $10.00
Installation Force and Stress Considerations for HDD Design of Bundled Pipelines: MM-T2-02 2021 $10.00
Highs and Lows: Construction of a 2,900-foot HDD Pipeline with 510 feet of Elevation Difference in Griffith Park: MM-T2-03 2021 $10.00
HDD Lessons you can Only Learn in the Field: MM-T2-04 2021 $10.00
Geotechnical Baseline Reports for HDD - When, Why, and How: MM-T2-05 2021 $10.00
Pulling the Plug – Connecting Over Six Miles of 24-foot Diameter Tunnel: MM-T3-01 2021 $10.00
Combining Traditional Tunneling with Curved Microtunneling During Construction of the Doan Valley Relief and Consolidation Sewer: MM-T3-02 2021 $10.00
Risks and Rewards completing a design- build tunneling project: MM-T3-03 2021 $10.00
Settlement Mitigation for Houston’s Largest Water Line Tunnel Across IH-69: MM-T3-04 2021 $10.00
Progressive Design Build Tunnel Procurement in Silicon Valley: MM-T3-05 2021 $10.00
Multi-Sensor Condition Inspection Tool with Pipe Penetrating Radar Helps Worthington Minnesota Open its Renovated Fieldhouse: MM-T4-01 2021 $10.00
Large Pipe Condition Assessment – How to Maximize the Benefit from Laser, LiDAR, and Manned Entry Inspection: MM-T4-02 2021 $10.00
Condition assessment of out of sight out of mind outfall pipes, things to consider: MM-T4-03 2021 $10.00
First Ever Pipeline Condition Assessment Ensures Raw Water Supply to Domtar Paper Mill: MM-T4-04 2021 $10.00
Condition Assessment in the City of Champions - Brockton’s Twin 24-inch CI Transmission Mains: MM-T4-05 2021 $10.00