Title Year Price
Restoring the Little Thompson River to Muggins Gulch in Colorado: MA-T1-01 2022 $10.00
Old School, but Effective – Construction of the Semple Avenue Trunk Sewer Utilizing Two-Pass Tunneling Methods: MA-T1-02 2022 $10.00
The City of Pierre Utilizes HDD to Install a 24-in. Intake Pipe Dropped to the Bottom of the Missouri River Into a Caisson: MA-T2-01 2022 $10.00
Reducing Disturbances and Diversions Through Trenchless Design – Irvinedale Drive Transmission Main: MA-T2-02 2022 $10.00
Rock Bores Using Segmented PVC Pipe: MA-T2-03 2022 $10.00
Trenchless Technology Magazine Projects of the Year: MA-T3-01-03 2022 $10.00
Should You Dig It Trenchless Technology Saves Time & Money in Quincy, Massachusetts: MA-T4-01 2022 $10.00
Optimal Use of Pipe Bursting and Trenchless Methods for Replacing 9,000 ft of Water and Sewer Pipelines in the City of Eureka, California: MA-T4-02 2022 $10.00
NapaSan Receives Approval for Asbestos Cement Pipe Bursting from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District: MA-T4-03 2022 $10.00
Minnehaha Park Area Sewer Improvements: MA-T5-01 2022 $10.00
Protection of Wastewater Structures With Polymer Coatings and Linings: MA-T5-02 2022 $10.00
L73 Sanitary Interceptor Sewer Tunnel Repairs : MA-T5-03 2022 $10.00
18-Year Inspection Reveals Proven Results for Manhole Rehabilitation With High-Build Epoxy Coatings: MA-T6-01 2022 $10.00
Structural Testing on Spray Applied Rigid Polymer Resin Technology Utilizing Soil Prism Dynamics: MA-T6-02 2022 $10.00
City Of Lancaster, Pennsylvania - Large 10-ft. Diameter Brick Sewer Rehabilitation with Geopolymer Mortar: MA-T6-03 2022 $10.00
Comparison of Observed and Predicted Settlements: City of Dubuque Bee Branch Parallel 101” Microtunnels under Canadian Pacific Railyard: MM-T1-01 2022 $10.00
Greeley Pipeline Relocation Project - Difficult Microtunnel Crossing for Essential Infrastructure: MM-T1-02 2022 $10.00
Microtunnel Combined Sewer Replacement Project Overcomes Construction Challenges and Navigates Multiple Constraints in Queens, New York: MM-T1-03 2022 $10.00
Construction for Two Water Mains Crossing Eastchester Bay in New York City by Horizontal Directional Drilling from the Bronx to City Island: MM-T2-01 2022 $10.00
Impacts of HDD Design Modifications After Municipal Bid Award: MM-T2-02 2022 $10.00